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ZIPTRAK® – simply the best!

ZIPTRAK® – Simply the best!

So simple and quick to open and close, anyone can do it!

Ziptrak® stops and stays in any position without locks using a special spring balance system. For extra ease of use, Ziptrak® is also available with remote operated electric motor, making a simple process even easier

Why do Ziptrak® blinds look so great?


Ever wondered why these blinds (Ziptrak®) look so great?

They are a unique system designed to give you versatility in your outdoor areas.

Residential & commercial customers can get many benefits from choosing Shadetec to make your Ziptrak® blinds.

Have you ever seen them in action?

Outdoor Blinds


We build so you can save – FACTORY DIRECT.
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We Build and Install Premium Outdoor Blinds

This is our specialty – custom made guided track outdoor blinds using market leading channel guide technology.
Enhance your lifestyle, expand your living space, protect and add value to your home with high quality Ziptrak or Channel X Outdoor Blinds manufactured, supplied and installed by us, right here in Adelaide.

Perfect for enclosing your patio, verandah or entertaining space, Shadetec’s outdoor blinds are professionally measured, expertly manufactured and promptly installed within approx 2 to 3 weeks from your order. Sometimes quicker!

We have all of the colours and styles for you to choose from. All our fabrics are designed to withstand the harsh South Australian climatic conditions.

Outdoor Blinds with 3 Year Warranty

We give a market leading 3 year warranty on our outdoor blind products.

Outdoor Awnings

Awnings (awning blinds) give you complete control of the weather affecting your windows and the inside of your home.

Awnings for Summer

Lab test measurements show that it can be as much as 20 degrees cooler under an awning’s canopy.
Awnings prevent the sun from shining through windows and sliding glass doors. With the inside temperature reduced you can save on air conditioning power costs. Good for you and the environment.
Carpets, furniture and upholstery will be protected from fading in sunlight too.

Awnings Made to Measure

Our outdoor awnings are custom made right here in Adelaide for a perfect fit. We iue quality long lasting canvas, machine stitched for durability.
We will show you our large range of material designs – traditional and modern for South Australian weather conditions.
Call 8182 3255 with your measurements or for a Free Measure and Quote.

    Clear & Tint PVC Blinds

    Clear PVC or Tint Outdoor Blinds are the answer to year round outdoor living.
    They are great for enclosing small or large areas and will extend an outdoor area for year round use and protect you from the rain without completely blocking your view.
    Shadetec will build your Clear PVC or Tinted PVC Blind (for protection from UV rays) at our Adelaide factory out of the leading products available.
    We then install the PVC blinds using our own installers.

    PVC Blinds Manufactured and Installed


    A cost effective shade solution. Available for your home in a very wide range of sizes and also for commercial applications.

    Outdoor PVC Blinds are often commonly used in seaside suburbs as well as at Cafe’s (Cafe Blinds, bistro blinds) Wineries and Restaurants as they provide protection from the weather and still allow you to enjoy your views.

    PVC Blinds look great in a variety of settings.

    Call: 81823255

    Shade Sails

    Shade Sails are a fantastic and versatile option to shade almost any aspect of your property or business.

    Offering up to 97% complete shade and even better with up to 99% UV block out.

    Sails can be sculpted to fit and cover areas you want shaded or made to make areas private.

    If you’re covering your pool, children can swim all day with complete or partial shade protecting them from the suns harmful rays.

    Your outdoor area, plants, vehicles, boat or caravan can be protected from the sun all summer long. Once installed, they make a visual statement highlighting and complimenting your property.

    All our shade sails are custom built to satisfy the most exacting needs.
    We build so you can save – FACTORY DIRECT.

    Call: 8182 3255

    Really happy with the job

    Regards to your team Angie. Really happy with the job and the complete service provided.
    I know heaps of people and will be more than happy to recommend Shadetec.
    I run my own family business and can appreciate providing a great service.
    Regards Mick Adami