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Ziptrak® Pull Stick

Have a tall veranda?  Or maybe like me you are not as tall as some!  This isn’t a problem if you have one of these nifty Ziptrak® Pull Stick’s.  With a simple hook on the end you can easily hook blinds and pull them down within reach.  When not in use the hook can hang discretely to one side.  This video shows how easy it is to maneuver Ziptrak® blinds to any height you desire.  Maybe you get the glare from the afternoon sun, these blinds can be pulled down just enough to block it out while you still enjoy the view of your garden.  It really is that simple for Shadetec to make your outside a versatile area for all seasons.

ZIPTRAK® – simply the best!

ZIPTRAK® – Simply the best!

So simple and quick to open and close, anyone can do it!

Ziptrak® stops and stays in any position without locks using a special spring balance system. For extra ease of use, Ziptrak® is also available with remote operated electric motor, making a simple process even easier

Why do Ziptrak® blinds look so great?


Ever wondered why these blinds (Ziptrak®) look so great?

They are a unique system designed to give you versatility in your outdoor areas.

Residential & commercial customers can get many benefits from choosing Shadetec to make your Ziptrak® blinds.

Have you ever seen them in action?

Outdoor Blinds


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We Build and Install Premium Outdoor Blinds

This is our specialty – custom made guided track outdoor blinds using market leading channel guide technology.
Enhance your lifestyle, expand your living space, protect and add value to your home with high quality Ziptrak or Channel X Outdoor Blinds manufactured, supplied and installed by us, right here in Adelaide.

Perfect for enclosing your patio, verandah or entertaining space, Shadetec’s outdoor blinds are professionally measured, expertly manufactured and promptly installed within approx 2 to 3 weeks from your order. Sometimes quicker!

We have all of the colours and styles for you to choose from. All our fabrics are designed to withstand the harsh South Australian climatic conditions.

Outdoor Blinds with 3 Year Warranty

We give a market leading 3 year warranty on our outdoor blind products.